SPY Stock hit record highs this week after big tech earnings, and how you can prepare for next week in the stock market!

The stock market wrapped up a wild week! Friday’s trading was tough but S&P 500 managed to close out April with a 5% gain. This roughly follows the seasonality chart Justin has been laying out. Big tech earnings wrapped up with beats across the board from stocks like AAPL, MSFT, TSLA and GOOG. Mixed guidance throughout. Overall a positive for the tech sector. Powell spoke mid week about transitory inflation and rates which is what investors wanted to hear. Investors and Traders need to be watching economic data closely, repeated strong months could bring talk of tapering which may spook the market. We have some big names reporting earnings this week like PYPL, FSLY and DKNG! Make sure to watch this week as Justin covers all the stock market news!

Berkshire Hathway reported earnings this weekend, and had their investors meeting. They reported a beat earnings, with record profits and revenue. Berkshire continues to plan to buy back stocks as well.

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