Blaze Capital – CLF, AMC, MVIS stocks were all off to hot starts today. U.S stocks are trading higher. CPI and economic data released came in ahead of expectation. Consumer inflation rose at its fastest pace since 2008, rising 5%. Central bank officials are saying the current rise is still due to temporary factors. From the reaction in the market today. Investors and traders seem to think Powell next week will stay the course. Not overreact to these potentially transitory numbers.

GME stock reported earnings that ended up hitting the stock, its currently trading down 10%+ news of a share offering was released.

SPY SP500 climbed to all time highs today, overall shrugging off the inflation report. NASDAQ and DOW are also currently trading higher.

NASDAQ is up .8%, SPY SP500 is up .3%, DOW Jones is up .33% BTC is down .36%