April 16, 2021

DOGE Price, DOGECOIN is on a tear higher after the IPO for Coinbase, COIN stock brings hype and excitement into the cryptocurrency market. Recent Elon Musk tweets supporting the coin also have fueled the rally higher with Elon having a notable influence on investors. MS Stock, Morgan Stanely had earnings this morning, beating analyst expectations with a profit of $4.1 billion. Doubling profit YoY. This helped offset the tech sector dragging SPY SP500 on market open, pushing the financial sector higher. The DOW is almost above $34,000 for the first time ever

As bank earnings wrap up we look for mega cap and tech stocks to report next, analysts are expecting these company to beat.

Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google melt the SP500 to fresh record highs. XLK, QQQ Stock – Will AAPL Stock, AMZN Stock, MSFT Stock, GOOG Stock, FB Stock DRAG SPX TO 4,300?

DOGE PRICE! – DOGECOIN breaks 40c!

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