July 26, 2021
Is the stock MARKET ready to rally again? Bitcoin, BTC climbs back to $40,000!

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BTC, Bitcoin surged above $39,000 after being below $30,000 early last week, will BTC, Bitcoin break above 40K? ETH, Ethereum is also bouncing back with Crypto. Big tech earnings are just around the corner this week, with TSLA, AAPL, AMZN all reporting! The stock market is flat today as indexs sit near record highs. Chinese stocks traded lower after news came out over the weekend impacting the education stocks. This week the Federal Reserve meeting begins Tuesday, we will be getting monetary policy details out of this meeting. We expect the federal reserve to remain dovish but are watching the reaction the stock market has.

Facebook, FB, Google, GOOG, Microsoft, MSFT also report this week.

Stock Market – LIVE, BTC, Bitcoin, Stocks, News, Prediction, Analysis

Stock MARKET CRASH over? Tesla, TSLA, AAPL, Apple, Amazon

Stock Market LIVE, SNAP Stock! Predictions, Analysis