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Blaze Capital Charity Campaign – Montreal Children’s Hospital

Minimum Price: $1



Donation to the Blaze Capital sponsored charity of the month – Montreal Children’s Hospital. Thank you for your support!

Blaze Capital is dedicated to giving back, and it makes me very happy to see that our team is aligned in so many ways! This is an opportunity for our community to help affect change and create a snowball effect outside our group – by paying it forward.

Each month, Blaze Capital will donate the following:

  • $1,000 as a base donation to Charity voted by our community
  • $1,000 in membership fees to the Compassion Care
    • $500 minimum of 5 coaching hours (over the course of a year) to help keep you on track

Realizing gains and being able to see the impact of your contributions, will keep you motivated to continue to be a wise investor – the more resources you have, the greater your potential for impact. Cheers.


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